Custom Kitchen Remodel

Custom Cabinets from DS Woods

At DS Woods Custom Cabinets we build beautiful cabinets that will work with your lifestlye and decor. Our craftmanship and attention to detail insure that your cabinets will last for years to come. We have built cabinets for irregularly shaped spaces, in newer homes, older homes and homes just like yours!

Kitchen Cabinet Gallery

Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinets that are designed for the way you work and live and also reflect your style will help create a beautiful, functional kitchen that you will enjoy. They say everyone gathers in the kitchen! Make sure they enjoy that time.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Bathroom Cabinet Gallery

Bathroom Cabinets

Well designed Custom Bathroom Cabinets enable you to maximize storage space and provide everyday items in easily accessible areas. Your cabinets should compliment the space and other room fixtures.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets
Home Theater Gallery

Home Theater

Today televisions and other electronic media devices come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. We can build a cabinet or series of cabinets that fit your specific devices. Of course, we hide the cords and connectors while still allowing easy assess.

Custom Home Theaters

Areas Served

DS Woods Custom Cabinets is located about 20 miles south of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and about 25 miles west of Van Wert, Ohio. You are welcome to visit our workshop, to view sample wood finishes, countertop samples, cabinet hardware and embellishments. Please call us at 260-692-6565 to make an appointment and for exact directions from your location.

Northeast Indiana

Allen County
Ft. Wayne

Adams County
Decatur, 46733
Monroe, 46772
Berne, 46711
Geneva, 46714

Wells County
Tocsin, 46740
Ossian, 46777
Bluffton, 46782

Northwest Ohio

Mercer County
Rockford, 45882
Celina, 45822
Mendon, 45862
Coldwater, 45828
St. Henry, 45883
Ft. Recovery, 45846
Chickasaw, 45826

Paulding County
Payne, 45880
Antwerp, 45813
Paulding, 45879
Grover Hill, 45849
Haviland, 45851
Latty, 45855
Cecil, 45821
Melrose, 45861
Oakwood, 45873

Van Wert County
Delphos, 45833
Middle Point, 45863
Scott, 45866
Venedocia, 45894
Elgin, 45838
Willshire, 45898
Wren, 45899
Van Wert, 45891
Convoy, 45832
Ohio City, 45874